Facility Use Policy

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Bethel United Church’s vision is to seek God’s way as community. Our Community of Faith values its relationships with individuals, groups and organizations of Moosomin and area. These relationships make us a member of the Moosomin community. Our intention is to show commitment to these relationships by reaching out to include and welcome others in our vision, and to work with others to achieve their visions.

As our building is a significant asset, we wish to share it with the Moosomin community, by making space available for activities of spiritual, educational and/or charitable natures.

Terms & Conditions


  • As Bethel United Church is situated in a residential area, Renters of the property will be mindful and respectful when coming into and leaving the church.
  • Renters of the property are asked to not enter parts of the building that are not included in their specific rental agreement.
  • Renters of the property are required to leave the spaces and equipment that they use in the same condition that they encountered it.
    • Tables, chairs and other furniture are to be returned to their original location.
    • Dishes, glassware and cutlery are to be washed, dried and returned to their original location.
    • Garbage and recycling are to be disposed of, using the provided containers.
    • Cleaning supplies and tools are available to be used.
  • Renters will be charged for cleaning costs that are incurred by Bethel United Church, to restore the rented spaces to their original condition.
  • Renters will be charged for any damage or loss caused to the building, its furniture or equipment as a result of their use of these.


  • The sound equipment, LCD projector, pianos and organ may be used by the Renter as long as prior arrangements have been made.
  • Renters requesting use of the sound equipment and/or LCD projector must provide someone who has training with this equipment.
    • Bethel United Church may provide a technician, with sufficient notice and for an additional cost.


  • Although the church is equipped with WIFI, its access is limited to congregational committees and groups. Access to this network is not available to Renters.


  • There will be no smoking permitted on the premises, including property, streets and back lanes adjacent to the Bethel United Church property.

There we be no alcohol permitted on the premises. For Bethel United Church sponsored events see
policy on the use of alcohol.


  • Bethel United Church, its employees and members are not responsible for personal injury, damage to personal items, or the loss or theft of any items belonging to the Renter or persons attending their event.
  • Bethel United Church is responsible for securing adequate insurance for property and liability for church related activities, but this insurance does not extend to coverage of renting groups or individuals.
    • Renters are advised to obtain General Liability Insurance for their specific group needs.


  • The Renter is required to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice for the cancellation of a one-time rental.
    • Failure to notify the church within this time will result in the forfeit of the rental fee.
  • Under extenuating circumstances, the Board of Bethel United Church will review specific cases at its next meeting.

The Council of Bethel United Church reserves the right to enter into long-term facility use with users,at its discretion.

As a qualified representative of the group seeking to rent from Bethel United Church, I acknowledge that I have read and understand these Terms & Conditions, and that I accept and agree to them.

Name of Group: _______________________________________________________________




Date: (MM/DD/YYYY) __________________________________________________________


To be reviewed annually.
Confirmed by the Board June, 2019
Amended by the Council, Feb 12, 2020