Funeral Policy

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Bethel United Church is here to support you and work with you in honouring your loved one and in celebrating the love of God. This page provides some practical information to assist you. Bethel United Church celebrates the lives of members, adherents or people otherwise connected to this congregation, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, family status or economic status. Bethel strives to be sensitive to other faith traditions when friends and family members are from outside the church.

We are a Christian congregation, and this fact will be reflected in the services offered.

Making Service Plans

Arrangements for a funeral or memorial service can be made by contacting the Church and/or  minister at Bethel United or individual covering while Ministry person is away.

A service of worship – either a funeral or memorial service – may be held in the Sanctuary (capacity 350) or in the Christian Education Hall (seating for 130).  It is preferable that funerals or memorial services be held Monday to Saturday. According to the guidelines of the United Church of Canada, it is Bethel’s policy that funerals and memorial services are to be conducted by the Bethel United Church ministerial staff. The inclusion of other religious personnel requires discussion with the presiding minister and approval by the Official Board of Bethel.

Before the service, our minister will meet at least once with those family members and friends entrusted with the service arrangements.  All interested family members, including children, are invited to participate in this planning time.


Bethel United Church is happy to accommodate rituals such as Royal Canadian Legion Rights and Masonic Temple Rights in funeral services. All rituals need to be discussed with the minister during the planning meeting.

Memorial Receptions

Memorial Receptions may be held, following the worship service, in the Christian Education Hall. The capacity of the hall for a reception is 130. The United Church Women (UCW) will require an approximate attendance so that lunch is adequate.  

Financial Matters

Helping you in this stressful time is the primary concern of the congregation, but there are financial aspects that need to be considered also. There is no differentiation made between members and adherents regarding these amounts.

Minister/Lay minister:
Funeral/Memorial   $250.00
Prayer services $  50.00
Musician:  $100.00
Sanctuary $200.00
CE Hall  $  75.00
For a memorial reception lunch, minimum amount is $6 per person. 

Should these amounts present a hardship, please inform the Funeral Home Director and the minister. No family will be refused funeral services for financial reasons.
Bethel United Church has an ongoing Memorial Fund. Gifts from family and friends in memory of the loved one may be made to the Memorial Fund of Bethel United Church.

To be reviewed annually.
Confirmed by the Board August 2019