Property Committee Policy


The Property Committee holds responsibility for the maintenance and repair of structures and property owned by Bethel United Church.  These responsibilities include but not limited to the maintenance and repair of the boiler and heating system, all plumbing and hot water system, doors, windows and lighting and all other structural issues including the grounds which the property is situated on.  

It will also be the Property Committee’s responsibility to inform the Bethel United Church Council, (the Council) of any major upgrades or repairs encompassed as well as recommend to the Council and coordinate any major repairs required and authorized by the Council.  Use of contractors or third party labour shall be approved by Council in advance.

The Property Committee shall strive to have a member in attendance at Bethel United Church Council Meetings with a written report of updates submitted to Council members in advance.

A list of names of those on the Property Committee shall be submitted to the Bethel United Church Office along with emergency contact (cell-phone) numbers they can be reached at.



To be reviewed annually.
Confirmed by the Board October 21, 2020